A professional, live storyteller with over 10 years experience, whose stories have been heard by hundreds of thousands of spellbound and captivated audiences. Offering a catalogue of stories – including traditional, seasonal, fairy tales, folk stories, and unique never-before-heard fables. Custom and bespoke stories can also be created to meet any request.

Please feel free to contact for more information, details and availability. 

traditional storytelling

Oral storytelling in its most natural form – the timeless wonder of hearing a story, with no tricks, gimmicks or books. Simply the magic woven between a storyteller’s voice and an enchanted audience’s ear. 

A whole library of stories are on offer from world famous fairy tales to never-before-heard adventures.

bespoke stories

Custom tales written and performed especially to meet your needs or desires. To convey a unique message in a fun and engaging manner. Educational or event specific, your ideas brought to life in a ‘Once Upon a Time…’

suitcase stories

Where traditional storytelling meets small scale theatre. 

A storyteller. A suitcase. Let the magic begin!