These fun and interactive characters always entertain.
Walkabout acts are able to reach a large number of audience members and always raise a smile from those they interact with. Even those that just see them across a field from a distance. 100% smiles all around.
With strong characters; their ad-libbed improvised performances are great for engagement, entertainment or simple wholesome fun.

prof. Seymour Stuff

A proper English gent, Professor Seymour Stuff has traveled the world and has many an anecdote to share. At just four feet tall, his rucksack may be bigger than he is, but he has a thirst for life and is keen to see it all.

easter the hare

Finally the Easter hare has given himself up.
Just don’t go calling him a bunny!
At an ideal child-friendly height, Easter is warm and approachable as he makes his way carrying his basket of precious eggs. He is quick witted and always keen to give a ‘high three’ or perhaps an early easter egg to any passer by. 


The Chough is the national bird of Cornwall, featuring on the Duchy’s coat of arms. This regal pair are the nobles of their Cornish county. Watch as they strut their stuff in a dignified manner. But watch out, they can get a little peckish.


These tribal warrior spirits will brighten up any event.
A night time show of up to three individuals are available. These jungle dancers can flash to the beat of music or simply appear out of nowhere and then disappear in an instant.


This puntastic pair are a long way from Gnome, but in no rush to see the sights as they ride their faithful steeds where ever the trail leads.


An example of a customised performance, these Royal Guards performed for the Queen’s Jubilee. With a stiff upper lip, astride the fastest snails in the military.


This scarecrow can remain on guard all day for your event, but occasionally may be visited by Corbin, a cheeky, loud mouthed crow who has no respect for his scarecrow caw-lleague and thinks he is a stand up comedian.

grim reaper

This intimidating character stands at a terrifying nine feet tall. He makes a haunting gate keeper as he ushers in those whose souls he has come to take.